Roy Scranton

Roy Scranton is the author of the novel War Porn (Soho Press, 2016) and the philosophical essay Learning to Die in the Anthropocene (City Lights, 2015). His journalism, essays, fiction, poetry, and reviews have been published in The Nation, Rolling Stone, the New York Times, LIT, Boston Review, Prairie Schooner, Los Angeles Review of Books, Contemporary Literature, The Appendix, and elsewhere. He is also one of the editors of Fire and Forget: Short Stories from the Long War (Da Capo, 2013). He holds a Ph.D. in English from Princeton and an M.A. from the New School for Social Research, and teaches creative writing in the Department of English at the University of Notre Dame.


Selected Publications

Essays and Articles

"When the Next Hurricane Hits Texas," in the New York Times (2016)

" 'Star Wars' and the Fantasy of American Violence," in the New York Times (2016)

"We're Doomed. Now What?" in the New York Times (2015)

"What I Learned on a Luxury Cruise through the Global-Warming Apocalypse," in The Nation (2015)

"Climate Change and the Dharma of Failure," in The Revealer (2015)

"An Iraqi Band's (Semi) Happy Ending," in Rolling Stone (2015)

"The Trauma Hero: From Wilfred Owen to Redeployment and American Sniper," in the Los Angeles Review of Books (2015)

" 'We Need Hope and Fear in Equal Measure': An Interview With Naomi Klein," in Rolling Stone (2014)

"Back to Baghdad," in Rolling Stone (2014)

"Learning How to Die in the Anthropocene," in the New York Times (2013)

"Recognizing the Thing Itself in Harry Mathews's Cigarettes," in Contemporary Literature  (2013)

"The Curse of Coherence: Cold War CIA Funding for Oulipo's Confidence Man," in The Appendix (2013)

"Why Fiction Tells the Truth about War," in the Wall Street Journal  (2013)

"Misreading War Literature," in Boston Review (2012)

"The Only America They've Ever Known," in the New York Times (2011)

"In Country," in Sierra Magazine (2011)

"Memories of My Green Machine: Posthumanism at War," in Theory & Event (2010)

"War and the City," in the New York Times (2010)


Choosing War: On Nancy Sherman's Afterwar and Michael Putzel's The Price They Paid (2016)

On Anne Carson's Red Doc> (2014)

On Sinan Antoon's The Corpse Washer (2014)

On Anselm Berrigan's Notes from Irrelevance (2013)

On Lea Carpenter's Eleven Days (2013)

On Kate McLoughlin's Authoring War (2013)


"The Oriental," in Transmission (2014)

"The Fall," in Prairie Schooner (2013)

"America (Song of Pleasure)," in Epiphany (2013)

"Carnival," in Another Chicago Magazine (2011)

"Never Closer," in Quiddity (2010)


"Above the BQE," in Boston Review (2014)

"If I Could Move My Hands and Snap," in Beloit Poetry Journal (2013)

"And nevermore shall we turn back to the 7-11," in Painted Bride Quarterly (2012)